How Can a Brand Use a Community to Improve Their Customer Experience?


Once you have an established community around your brand, be it something that has your brand’s name on it or something that your brand sponsors, there are different ways to create an online engagement in an enterprise community. It’s really important to listen to what people are saying but also to create the types of engagements that would solicit the feedback that you need to understand what their motivations are.

What is happening in their purchase life cycle? When is the right time? And what happens when they do make a purchase? It’s important to create those conversations that end that will give you the answer without directly asking. Hey, here’s a survey. What did you think of this experience? Right?

By asking questions through engagements and listening to what people are saying, not just about their transaction but their entire experience with your brand and the product and competitors’ product, you can now better understand their journey. You can better understand the way they see their progress or their experience through that life cycle, that purchased life cycle.

When you ask a survey, or you send a survey, you can get any answer you want, right? Marketers like me, we can find ways to ask questions to get the answers that you want. So it’s not really an effective way to understand the customer experience, right?

But when you create natural conversations or facilitate natural conversations through a variety of engagements, like webinars, fireside chats, and online forums where you encourage peer-to-peer conversations amongst your audience, you have the opportunity with a good smart community and the proper A I to be able to understand that customer journey and that will then help you shape how you create yours and how you guide yours.

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