Why Should Brands Avoid Building Their Communities on Social Media


I’ve always said that when you build your brand on a social network, like LinkedIn or Facebook, you’re actually building their business, you’re not building your business, you’re allowing them to drive traffic, you’re allowing them to retain your audience and get data about your audience and then advertise to your audience and eventually take them to whoever they’re being advertised to.

So you don’t; actually, you’re not building a brand. You might be creating some brand awareness, and that’s fine, but you don’t own the brand. You don’t own the community, most importantly.

And so, while I would never say that a business shouldn’t have a Facebook page or shouldn’t have a LinkedIn page, You have to be judicious about where you create those online profiles and what you do on them. For me, it’s always most important to create those present.

But to do so in a way that drives people back to your community, your online presence should be as a hub and spoke model where it’s your community that you want everybody to land at to start from push content out to collect more information to collect more people, but bring them back into your own hub. So, I wouldn’t say you should avoid building communities on. You shouldn’t avoid having a social network or a social presence.

You could do that, but that shouldn’t be where you’re building your online relationships with your audience. That should be done in your own enterprise community with your own community success managers running it.

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