Boost Leads, Loyalty & Advocacy
Around The Entire Customer Cycle

A Unique Solution Combining Technology and “The Human Touch” to Superboost Your Most Valuable Relationships

· Engage audiences like never before
· Deliver exceptional CX
· Seriously stand out from competitors

Problems BONDAI Solves for Enterprises



BONDAI is an A.I. powered Relationship Development Solution (RDS) that combines technology and “the human touch” to create deeper relationships around the customer lifecycle – whether it’s with clients, prospects, staff, partners or influencers.

  • · Private, branded community to hyper engage your audience
  • · Exclusive offers and discounts to boost loyalty and convert more leads
  • · Curated events and experiences to set your CX apart
  • · Corporate gifting platform to wow clients, prospects and employees
  • · Influencers that help turn prospects into customers, customers into advocates
  • · AI and Analytics tools to measure everything and provide actionable insight
  • · Much more

How BONDAI Works

Choose the Relationship(s)
You Want to Improve

We Will Build The Solution
That Will Build The Relationship
By Combining Technology & “The Human Touch”


Branded Community
Analytics Dashboard
Automated Gifting
Email & Alerts

The Human Touch

Exclusive Offers
Events & Experiences
Loyalty / Affinity Program
Corporate Gifting
Influencer Engagement
Custom Content
CX Audit & Strategy
Community Management
Much, much more. Contact us for a complete list!

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“Relationship Enlightenment”
and be the envy of your industry

When you combine AI-based, intelligent technology with true engagement and tangible experiences that add a personal touch to every relationship…

You’ve reached relationship enlightenment!

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Our Big Wins



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Increased Overall
Client Satisfaction


BONDAI is an AI-powered solution that creates deeper relationships and affinity among clients, prospects, staff, and channel partners through value-added engagements such as content marketing, loyalty offers, contests, email marketing, forums, event management, mobile experiences, and much more.

The uniquely branded public or private community strengthens the relationship between your brand and stakeholders with personalized engagements that add value beyond the core business transaction.

It connects with existing CRM, accounting, and/or marketing automation databases to augment client data profiling and, most importantly, helps move prospects and customers along the customer lifecycle.

Yes.  BONDAI connects to almost any data source: CRMs, Marketing Automation Tools, Email, Social Media, Google, etc.

No.  BONDAI is not a software that you can download and start using right away.

BONDAI is a Platform as a Service (PAAS), which means it combines technology with products, services, and experiences to build better relationships with clients, prospects, partners and more.

It is completely customizable and used differently for every business depending on their unique needs.

BONDAI generates revenue and ROI through increased sales, customer retention, and advocacy:

  • Prospects engage with your brand while considering a purchase, increasing the likelihood of conversion and referrals
  • Supports channel marketing sales by adding value to their client relationships and services
  • Loyalty and “brand stickiness” is earned from existing customers, which has been proven to increase customer lifetime value and advocacy
  • Identifies and develops brand advocates that can be leveraged to drive better Marketing Qualified Lead (MQLs)
  • The AI component and custom analytics identifies trends and opportunities among customer segments that can be leveraged by your sales and marketing teams


BONDAI is a managed Platform as a Service solution that is customized for each client. This is not a one-size fits all solution.

Pricing consists of set up and customization fees and licensing fees. Each is based on a sliding scale based the number of engagement modules required, the size of the audience, and the amount of customization requested.

Let us walk you through the solution and the ROI model. Request a demo below.

BONDAI (formerly known as Sensei CXM) has been used by national and multi-national corporations since 2012.

The marketing, software, and engineering teams behind the development and management of this solution have been together for the past 18 years.

BONDAI clients benefit from this Platform as a Service solution, which has been in use – and constantly updated – for the past 9 years, because it’s a hosted, turnkey solution.

There is little-to-no technology resources required within the business to manage this solution outside of initial data security planning and possible API connections to existing software.

In fact, BONDAI offers complete marketing services so that the ongoing management of the community and client development can also be 100% turnkey.

Typically, an engagement consists of a 30 – 60 day scope planning consultation, a 60- to 90-day implementation period, and then a 30- to 60-day soft launch period in which we run various user tests and training with internal and external stakeholders.

Generally no.  BONDAI is for mid to larger sized organizations that have a broad base of either customers, prospects, partners or employees.

If you’re unsure if BONDAI is right for your business, click on our interactive tool below.

We’re happy to help answer any questions.

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