Morgan Stanley

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Human Touch
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Despite growing leads from new clients, the world’s largest wealth management/financial institution experienced very high churn from its wealthiest clients, in part due to the lack of direct-relationship it had with those clients (whose relationship was owned by independent financial advisors).

BONDAI community was customized to offer exclusive access to offers, content, and events to the client’s top investors.  View at

RESULTS: Going on it’s 9th year, this community has been credited for driving $66,000,000,000 in assets under management and reducing client churn by over 50%.



Professional Users

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Human Touch
Influence Marketing, Exclusive Offers/Experiences, Contests, Videos, Networking

Global outdoor power tool manufacturer struggled to capture larger market share due the incorrect perception by green industry professionals that the brand and products were consumer-quality vs. professional-grade.

BONDAI community was created to identify industry influencers who today are mentoring small business owners grow their businesses through peer-to-peer engagement, mentorship, and events.

RESULTS: Brand sentiment among industry pros has changed from “mostly negative” to “mostly positive” and, as a result, market share has increased.

Quotation Mark

“BONDAI has enabled the professional landscape community to engage in ways never before seen in the green space industry.  Through a website, an online forum, a mobile app, along with impactful content, campaigns and events, all of BONDAI’s tools work in harmony to enable pros to easily connect with each other so as to offer mentorship, advice and tips in growing their collective businesses and build long-lasting relationships.

As a result, ECHO has been able to engage directly with the pro community, receiving valuable insights on new products and programs and gain exposure to professionals who might not otherwise understand who ECHO was.  With BONDAI, ECHO is being recognized in the industry as a brand that supports and celebrates the professional user of outdoor power equipment.”

Ken Osberg Director of Marketing, ECHO Incorporated

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National Payroll Institute

Professional Associations

Payroll, HR & Accounting Professionals

Branded Community, Gamification, Forums, Email, Analytics Dashboard

Human Touch
Influence Marketing, Advocacy, Missions, Content, Social, Workshops, Contests, Gifting

National professional association wanted to change perception of Payroll, HR, and Accounting roles as strategic to a company’s business wellness and growth.

BONDAI community (The 17th Floor) designed specifically for Payroll, HR, and Accounting professionals to advance the practices of Human Capital Management (HCM) including: HCM content, forums, expert interview series, events, networking, missions, career advancement, influencers, and more.  View at

RESULTS: Currently the community is in exclusive beta, and will be open to all new members in the fall to thousands who are on the waiting list.

Ringling College of Art + Design


Prospective Students

Community, Forums, Email, CMS

Human Touch
Influence Marketing, Peer-to-Peer Mentorship

A private American arts university sought to reverse declining offer acceptances it based on the perception of the lower job and salary opportunities for graduates.

BONDAI community was deployed to foster mentorships between students considering a career in the arts (and their parents) with existing college students and successful alumni.

RESULTS: Offer acceptances grew by 7% in the first year, representing $89,600,000 in tuition revenue.

Quotation Mark
BONDAI has delivered a community unlike any other in our industry, one where future students, current students, and alumni connect through shared interest and mentorship. The results were beyond our expectations.

Richard Kaplan VP Marketing,
Ringling College of Art & Design

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