Corporate Gifting Services

No CX is complete without the wow factor.

Our proprietary corporate gifting solution, Gift My Client, offers a selection of unique gifts and experiences for every corporate audience.  It includes a custom account dashboard that lets you track and manage your company’s entire gifting process, and a range of automation features to increase client engagement and satisfaction while ensuring compliance.

Built for Businesses, Designed to Delight Clients

Step 1
Choose Gifts You Like

Start by pre-selecting gifts and experiences from our catalogue, including Food & Drinks, Getaways, Household Goods, Sports & Outdoors, Stationary & Hobby and much more.  We only choose products that will complement your brand and bring notable value.

Step 2
We Build Your Custom Storefront

We’ll build a custom store with your selected products and your unique business rules:

· Set compliance rules
· Set budget limits per gift, purchase, user, or department
· Automate anything, including purchasing, sending and shipping
· Add personal note to any gift
· API integration
· Set user credentials and permissions

Step 3
Track & Analyse Anything, Including ROI

The client gift is just the beginning.  With your custom dashboard you’ll be able to track, manage, and optimize every single step  of the gifting process:

· Get shipping and delivery notifications
· Track budgets and spending
· Download receipts for tax purposes
· Create personal urls for reviews
· Collect gift reviews

Step 4
Think Outside the Gift Box

Gifting is the best time to ask something of your clients and return.  Use it as an opportunity to collect valuable data to increase customer satisfaction scores that help build your business:

· Collect survey data (e.g. how was their onboarding experience)
· Discover what gifts your clients respond best to
· Ask clients what you can do better
· Collect testimonials
· Request a referral

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