Customer Experience Services

Product and pricing are no longer the way to truly differentiate your company from competition – having a sensational CX is.

We’ll audit your CX, identify and benchmark your customer life cycle, address blockages and challenges, and create strategies to differentiate your brand.

We’ll Help Make Your CX Seriously Stand Out

CX Audit

We’ll start with our proprietary Customer Experience audit. We’ll analyze your brand-customer touchpoints to determine the health of your customer relationships. A benchmark CX score is created, which drills down to uncover which areas of your business are driving or blocking the progress of customers towards becoming true advocates and building customer life time value.

CX Score

Your CX benchmark score is a representation of the health of your customer relationships. It’s an indication of how the customer experience contributes or detracts from a healthy customer life time valuation or your customers’ likelihood to progress along the customer life cycle. This benchmark is used for future comparisons to help chart the progress of your Customer Experience campaigns.

Customer Segmentation

Your CX Audit and Scoring supports the developing of a customer segmentation protocol that allows us to group customers into categories such as most growable, at greatest risk, key account calling only, and allow to leave. This analysis helps your business focus budgets and energy on the business areas where the greatest return on investment can be achieved.

Customer Strategy

Does your brand need it’s own community to better engage clients? Special offers and experiences to help turn prospects into clients, or clients into advocates? What about online workshops with influencers or gamified contests or promotions? We’ll put together a CX strategy that will truly separate your brand from the competition.

CX Benchmarking & Reporting

Your Customer Experience strategy isn’t a campaign, it’s a commitment. You’ll be able to quantify your CX with measurable data points that you can optimize over time.

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