Digital Marketing Services

We complement our BONDAI solution with a range of digital marketing services designed to drive leads, loyalty and advocacy.

These include: marketing strategy, community management, lead generation, content marketing, email marketing, web development and more.

Digital Services Around the Customer Lifecycle

CX Services

We’ll audit your CX, identify and benchmark your customer life cycle, address blockages and challenges, and create strategies to differentiate your brand.

Influence Marketing

Having written one of the defining books about Influence Marketing, we’ll help you create an IM strategy to engage influencers and their audiences to increase prospects.

Community Management

Our BONDAI solution is ideal for any Enterprise looking to build a branded community and deliver an exceptional CX. We’ll help plan, implement, and manage your community including: exclusive offers and experiences, gamification, content, email, networking, events, and even a mobile app.

Lead Generation Services

An Enterprise like yours needs more than a few lead generation tactics – it needs a lead generation strategy. We help grow leads by developing a strategy that may include auditing and improving your CX, leveraging Influence Marketing and corporate gifting, and creating SEM and native ad campaigns while optmizing your website for maximum conversions.

Web, Email, Content Services

To complement our BONDAI solution, we offer virtually any digital service to increase engagement and build better relationships with your audiences, including: web and mobile app development, email campaigns, tailored content, social media management, gamification, and Influence Marketing.

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