BONDAI Services

BONDAI is an Enterprise Relationship Development Solution (RDS) that combines technology and the human touch to help businesses grow their most valuable relationships around the customer lifecycle.

We complement BONDAI with a range of services that help drive leads, loyalty and advocacy.

Our Services

Influence Marketing Services

Having written one of the defining books about influence marketing, we’ll help you create an IM strategy to engage influencers and their audiences to increase prospects.

Customer Experience (CX) Services

We’ll audit your CX, identify and benchmark your customer lifecycle, address blockages and challenges, and create strategies to differentiate your brand.

Rewards & Loyalty Programs

Through our Partner Program, we have established relationships with over 100 top brands to help any enterprise establish a loyalty program for clients, employees, or any membership.

Digital Marketing Services

Our range of digital marketing services includes marketing strategy, community management, lead generation, content marketing, email marketing, web development, and more.

Corporate Gifting Platform

“Gift My Client” is our corporate gifting platform built for businesses and designed to delight clients. Combining bespoke gifts and a next-level gifting platform, Gift My Clients enables businesses to “Gift, Track & Grow”.