Brands, are you looking for a new sales channel?

BONDAI helps enterprise businesses build better relationships with their clients through private, branded communities.

A big part of building an engaged community is rewarding members with special offers that meet their specific interests.


This is an opportunity for your brand.

BONDAI presents your products, services and experiences to one or more of our client’s communities whose audience matches the demographics of your target audience.

For example:

· If your prospects are high net worth individuals we can connect you to a relevant wealth/investment community
· If your prospects are students we can connect you to a relevant college or university community
· If your prospects are members of a specific trade or professional we can connect you to a relevant professional association community


Your brand’s special offer or event will be featured:

· On the community website
· In monthly newsletters
· On relevant content pages
· As part of rewards, contests and gamification
· On the community’s mobile app

You’ll be able to track every click, every sale, and every new customer.

As a BONDAI partner you’ll have a unique, cost effective way to engage active prospects, build long-term customer relationships, and grow your sales.

The best part? There’s no cost to join the program.