The wealth management industry is in constant change.


Building and sustaining client loyalty in this industry is harder than ever.

Financial professionals must seek inspiration from those who exemplify excellence in client relations and advocacy if they want to grow AUM.


Here’s 10 leaders who don’t just manage wealth; but master the art of fostering unwavering client loyalty.


Get to know them and put their advice into practice to increase client advocacy and AUM growth.

The lesson for wealth managers is to realize that client service requires more of a collaborative, luxury-driven approach.

Clients want to not only feel that their aspirations are being heard but that their wealth management team is a partner in getting them there and an advisor that can anticipate the client’s needs during that journey.

April Rudin
What Luxury Brands Can Teach Wealth Management About Client Experience
Wealth management firms serve a clientele that is used to luxury, which means firms have a lot to learn from the luxury industry explains April Rudin.

Improving customer advocacy is good for business.

Customers who say they receive advice from their wealth manager are 44% more likely to be promoters, refer other customers 20% more often, hold a higher share of their assets with their wealth manager, and are 10% points less likely to switch managers.

Antonio Rodrigues
Strong customer loyalty hinges on 6 factors
Success increasingly hinges on a great experience that includes useful, tailored advice, not adding more advisors says Antonio Rodrigues.

HNW clients expect more from their financial advisors than standard investment advice.

They seek insights and solutions tailored to their unique financial situations and life goals in areas such as wealth preservation, growth strategies, tax optimization, and bespoke investment options.

John Bowen
Client Loyalty And Why Affluent Clients Sack Advisors
Client Loyalty And Why Affluent Clients Sack Advisors
John’s research reveals that only 60% of clients receive quick responses from their advisors, leaving 40% dissatisfied with the response times.

Generative AI represents the vanguard of experience personalization.

Human-like language models can create boundless volumes of customized conversations, educational explanations, marketing messages, and advisory recommendations tailored to individual financial contexts, profiles, goals, and knowledge levels.

They bring relevance at speed and scale.

Jim Marous
Unlocking the Promise of AI for Loyalty in Banking

Jim talks about the dawn of the generative AI era, the state of banking personalization, and how AI boosts relevance.

Gen Z are looking to make moves with their money earlier than ever, and financial institutions that can be there to win their business early can also be there when Gen Z think about starting a business, applying for their first mortgage, financing their wedding, and looking at education savings for their first child.

Nicky Senyard
How Banks Can Win Loyalty of Money-Savvy Gen Z

Nicky explains how to set your brand apart from the digital competitors Gen Z leans toward.

Today’s most robust automation solutions are designed to help financial services organizations get time back to focus on strategic and growth-oriented initiatives in a competitive industry. These types of solutions are needed more than ever.

Craig Guillot
When asked what prevents organizations from achieving their full automation goals, Craig's survey respondents mainly cited cost, budget, and money.

Banks and credit unions have been accumulating technology tools to better understand people, track transactions, and communicate with more precision.

But the goal of a singular relationship with each consumer cannot be realized if employees have to negotiate with colleagues in different departments for a report or data access.

And from the consumer side, it doesn’t feel connected if they’re receiving offers for a mortgage they already have, or a customer service employee is unaware of their pending loan application.

Joe Welu
Building Customer Loyalty Through Authentic Relationships

Joe explains how to nurture real relationships that create customers and members for life.

The challenging economic environment is an opportunity for financial services to reinvent how they connect with their customers and implement new operating models to establish consumer trust and build efficiencies along the path to recovery.

Cloud technology empowers financial services companies to develop and embed scalable customer engagement channels for remote service, omnichannel communications, and digital journeys.

Bijon Mehta
Firms that provide secure, timely, personalized digital service to safeguard the client’s best interests will be on a faster path to business recovery.

Being digital end-to-end allows banks and credit unions to work easily with fintech firms, regtech organizations, and other third parties to provide a level of service that will impress consumers and build loyalty.

In return, these consumers become brand champions, telling friends about easy-to-use services, innovative solutions, and highly personalized products.

Emily Steele
The Path To Consumer Loyalty In Banking Is Digital

Emily talks about the power of ‘Being Digital’ and how financial institutions are responding to this trend.